11 Photos Where Parents Show Their True Feelings About School Starting

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Going to bed early. Waking up early. Carpool. Homework. These are just a handful of a kid’s favorite things when it’s time to go back to school.

Early bedtimes. Structured schedules. End to a TV monopoly. Lower grocery bills. These are a handful of a parent’s favorite things about back to school time. See the parallels? Unless you have a preschooler or kindergartner, the tears that are shed are probably those of joy.

While many kids really do love returning to school to see their friends and meet their new teachers, others prefer the carefree days and snack-filled all-nighters that summer brings. I can’t lie. I like not having to wake the kiddos up before the sun comes out during the break, but I do love how quiet the house is by 8:30 at night when school’s in session.

Between August and September, parents all over are celebrating the first day of school. For a lot of these celebrations, the kids aren’t feeling the fun. No one iota. The photos below capture the special occasion and parents’ elation for the big day. Have a laugh and maybe start your own tradition too!

  1. Pool, Anyone?

    Image of mom chilling in pool first day of school.

    Mom is ready to catch some rays and to clock in some solo pool time. Can’t blame her for claiming a slice of paradise in this viral pic.

  2. Fly So High

    school dublin mom

    Mom seems happy the kids are back off to Hogwarts. Check out her levitation skills!

  3. Cheers, Clink

    school high five

    Time to break out the mimosas!

  4. E-I-E-I Oh Yeah!

    Image of back to school party on farm.

    Funny mama Keshia Gardner celebrates the first day of school like this each year, but this time she brought confetti and the farm animals to the party. The kids are soooo excited.

  5. Thanks Dad

    school happy dad

    This dad decided to take a mellower celebration approach – 3 feet off the ground.

  6. Sorry Baby Girl

    Image of back to school pose.

    Nothing else needs to be said.

  7. Finally!

    school three kids

    Who doesn’t feel like this every morning (except for the cutie on the right)?

  8. 2-4-6-8 Who Do We. . .

    school 2jumping moms

    All these moms need are pom-poms.

  9. Tell Us How You Really Feel

    school sad kids

    Too bad. So sad for these stripe-clad kids.

  10. Party Over Here

    school parents balloons

    The balloons and scowls are everything right here. Ha!

  11. The Car is All Gassed Up

    school 6 kids

    Ready to hit the road!

Maybe you can’t jump as high as some of these parents, but surely you can relate to what they’re feeling. It’s really a mixed bag of emotions as your kids step up a grade level each year, but it’s hard to miss sibling squabbles, complaints of boredom, and snacks being gone after three days during the summer.

Can you see yourself in some of these photos? What fun first day of school traditions does your family have?