‘BBC Mom’ Parody Imagines How a Mom Would Handle the Situation

©Jono and Ben


Everyone has fallen in love with the BBC family. However, this new video below is just awesome. The BBC dad’s interview went viral, and we all had a great laugh from it. Robert Kelly and his entire family are incredibly kind and humbled by their new found fame. The video also gave some attention to people who work from home, the challenges that happen everyday. So many people were able to relate to their struggles.

In this new video parody, a mom replaces the dad as the one in the interview. In good fun, the video shows- how would a mom handle the interview? The segment begins very similar to the original …but then things take a hard turn (and it’s hilarious).

My favorites…

When she irons a shirt and cleans a TOILET.

And then she defuses a bomb.

The BBC dad video was perfect. But this parody puts a nice spin on the situations and gives props to all the moms out there who have always been the multitasking queens in life. (video created by: Jono and Ben)