The Best Married Tweets Of The Year


When you think about it, marriage really shouldn’t work at all. Two completely different people deciding to join their lives, all on the basis of stuff like “attraction” and “compatibility”? Ludicrous. It’s no surprise, then, that marriage is such a ripe source of comedy, and today we’ve got 15 of the funniest marriage tweets from this past year.

1. At least there’s someone to witness your stupidity.

2. A battle of wills.

3. Keeping up appearances.

4. Security system.

5. Marriage material.

6. The one true personality test.

7. Sometimes, the best couple’s activity is avoiding other activities altogether.

8. The curiously multiplying pillows.

9. Definitely reasonable.

10. When it’s too early in the day for romance.

11. A dijon emergency.

12. A one-night vacation.

13. It comes from a place of love.

14. The exhaustion-off.

15. You’re on your own.


h/t: Huffington Post