Check Out This Tattoo Artist’s Colorful Tattoos Of Kids’ Artwork


San Francisco tattoo artist Jess Koala’s Instagram came to our attention after we read an article on Yahoo about a dad who goes to her for tattoos of his daughter’s artwork. Sounds like a truly terrible idea, huh? Sounds like a situation where you end up with a tattoo of a butt on your butt, right? Wrong. Take a look at this sweet adorableness:

Here are a few more angles:

Koala told Yahoo that the dad, whose name is Eric, started with the two self-portraits of his daughters, Isabell and Gracie (oops, sorry, that’s “Gracie!”) Those turned out so well that he decided to go a step further, and asked the girls to make some drawings for him that he and Koala could choose from in future sessions. “We have only had two sessions on the sleeve so far,” she said, “but it will eventually cover his entire left arm.”

That’s pretty amazing. And just as amazing is what we found when we scrolled through Koala’s Instagram pictures — this woman makes the most fun, colorful, and downright beautiful tattoos we’ve ever seen. Here’s some of our favorites:

1. Koala calls this the “Catcus” and we call it “hell yes”

2. The friendliest carrot you’ll ever meet

3. Ours would be a microwave and a delivery menu

4. It’s a sprinkle dog, and it’s adorable

5. Normally we’re not into labels, but that is a gay flamingo

6. “Thunder, feel the thunder, lightning and the thunder….”

7. “We’ll catch this crook…hook, line, and sinker.” (CSI: The Ocean)

8. Slimer!

9. You might be thinking about messing with this crab. We would advise against it.

10. That snake ate an elephant (drawing not to scale).

11. Nothing clever to say, here. That’s just beautiful.

12. Magic Pixie Sparkle Burger, hold the onions.

13. PB&J are in love, and we’ve never seen anything cuter.

That is some unique and amazing work. And if we’re ever in San Francisco, we know exactly where to go for a tattoo of a tap-dancing unicorn (he’s really very good.) Thanks, Jess!