Ciara Danced Through an Entire Rehearsal Holding Her Daughter and Every Mom in the World Gets It



Moms everywhere can relate to the image of Ciara rehearsing with her baby tight to her chest, whether they work outside the home or not. The fact is, if our little ones need to be near us – while we’re trying to work, attempting to fix dinner, or finally getting around to that load of laundry – if it’s possible in that moment to give them what they need, we’ll do it.

Which is perhaps why these images of mom-of-two Ciara throwing down a tour rehearsal and holding her daughter at the same time is resonating so hard with all of us.

“This is what a rehearsal looks like for me now,” she tweeted. “She cried when I tried to put her down, so this was the result. She loves #Dance #MomLife #Dose.”

The one year old seems to be enjoying her mom’s killer dance moves (also, can we just note what fabulous shape Ciara is in? Maybe I need to start dancing…) from her front row seat, and is content to simply be next to her mother. To Sienna, Ciara is Mommy, not a famous anything.

Ciara is back with her first album since 2015, and explained to Refinery 29 that her kids are what propelled her to get back to work, not the thing that held her back.

Photo Credit: Instagram

“I felt more empowered than ever when I learned that I was pregnant with my second child. It was something about having a girl, being a woman, and thinking about my journey. I want to make my kids proud.”

Getting on with the daily requirements of life while multi-tasking with kids is something many (if not all) moms do every single day, no matter how much harder they can make a simple todo list or how tired we are at the end of the day. As someone who works from home, I can verify how much writing gets done with a child on my lap trying to “help” or random objects getting tossed my direction when I’ve gone too long without interacting with my toddler.

Photo Credit: Instagram

People love being able to relate to famous mothers, and this video of Ciara proves, once again, that we’re amazing warriors that get sh*t done. I, for one, salute her.

If she’s worried about making her kids proud, she definitely shouldn’t be – there’s nothing more we can do for them than be there when they need us, and show them how to balance life with grace. Ciara is totally doing both.