Couple Does Maternity Photoshoot For Their New…Kitten?

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We all know those people who refer to their pet as their “fur baby.” And that’s great! The bond between a pet owner and their animal pal is a special one, and sometimes you need a special name to describe it accurately.

But there’s CALLING a pet a fur baby, and then there’s taking a series of maternity photos with your new kitten, like this couple did. It’s definitely not the first time someone’s had an idea like this, but so far as we can tell, it’s the farthest someone’s taken the concept.

Let’s just say we hope nobody tries to top this.

Note: special credit goes to Lucy Schultz of Lucy Schultz Photography, for both taking the photos and for being the most accommodating photographer in history.

1. Here’s the couple. Notice the baby bump. That should tell you where this is going…


3. $@&%@#$&@%#$%#$!!!!!!!!!!

4. No. No! NO!

5. My brain is broken.

6. I’m sorry. I’m still too shaken up from the last photos to say anything about this one. 

Photo Credit: Lucy Schultz Photography

7. I’m taking a nap, and when I wake up I am quitting my job.

8. Dad feels how we all feel.

9. Sure, why not at this point?

10. Here’s a palate cleanser before we finish this off. Trust me, you’ll need it.

11. Oh dear god.

11. Whyyyyyyyy?

12. *Photographer slowly backs out of the room*

13. Just look at the red dot and you’ll forget everything you saw here.

Photo Credit: Smosh


h/t: Postize and Lucy Schultz Photography