Couple Does Newborn Photo Shoot 21 Years Later


This story is definitely an “Aww” rather than a “That was awkward,” but it’s so good we had to share.

A newborn photoshoot is literally a “once-in-a-lifetime” kind of experience. So what happens if life gets in the way, preventing you from photographing your new baby? For Rebecca Jensvold Hayes and David Ward, the answer was simple: do a “newborn” photoshoot with their 21-year-old, 240 pound son Clayton.

Originally, Hayes and Ward broke up while she was pregnant with Clayton, so the couple never had a chance to take a newborn photoshoot. Hayes and Ward eventually married other people, but kept in touch as coparents and friends.

Then, as Clayton was becoming an adult, Hayes and Ward both lost their spouses. Their shared tragedy brought them closer together, and it was during of their many conversations that Hayes realized what they had missed out on. Ward, Hayes, and their son all agreed that no time was better than the present to rectify the situation. And so, with the help of Hayes’s childhood friend, photographer Duffi Finnegan Crowson of Chaotic Perfection Photography, they made it happen.

They started with the traditional “baby feet” photo.

I think what I like best is how, even while taking what’s clearly a meaningful photo, everyone still saw the funny side of the project. Good on ya, everyone!

They even nailed some of the newborn photoshoot tropes we’ve all seen on social media countless times.

They even posted an “updated” birth announcement on Facebook:

Clayton Denes
Born 12/12/1995
240lbs 4oz 75 inches long
Proud parents Becca and David

Hayes admitted Facebook that she was concerned people would find the photos creepy or off-putting, but based on the response–over 26,000 Facebook “likes”–we’d say she’s got nothing to worry about.

Be sure to check back here in case Hayes and Ward decide to bronze a pair of Clayton’s size 13 Jordans.


h/t: Simple Most