Couple Takes Box Of Embryos On Adventure


Getting pregnant can be a trying experience for some couples, but having a sense of humor is a great way to get through it. That’s why, when Samantha and Mickey Clark had to transport a box of her frozen embryos, they decided the box should be the star of its very own photoshoot.

Samantha had been undergoing IVF treatments when the couple decided to move. That required them to transfer their embryos to a new fertility clinic. The embryos were cryopreserved, packed in a metal tube, and safely packaged in a cardboard box. On the way to the new clinic, Samantha and Mickey had an idea.

“We were driving to pick them up and we started talking about how we should take photos with the embryos,” Samantha told Scary Mommy. “We were laughing so hard we were crying. So when we picked them up, we just said okay let’s do it!”

The adventure began with a trip to the park.

After that, the embryos accompanied them to pick out a new puppy.

The Clarks have faced many obstacles on their way to getting pregnant. Before their wedding, Samantha was diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis, and some other health problems that would make conceiving a challenge. Instead of splurging on an expensive wedding, the couple decided to put that money towards fertility treatments. They also explored foster care and adoption.

The embryo photoshoot wasn’t just a fun outing; it was a way to welcome their unborn children into the family. “These embryos really were and are our kids,” Samantha said. “They were just as alive to us as if they’d already been born.”

The excursion continued more classic kid and parent activities, like learning to play baseball:

Hitting the Golden Arches:

Picking out a Christmas tree:

Breaking out the stroller:

And visiting the grandparents:

For those worried about the safety of the embryos, fear not. The Clarks cleared the photoshoot with their fertility doctor, who said the embryos could last for two days before needing to be transferred to their new clinic. Samantha and Mickey had their photoshoot wrapped up after about four hours.

But the story doesn’t end there! Because soon after the photoshoot, Samantha did get pregnant–with triplets. According to their doctor, the likelihood of Samantha and Mickey getting triplets was around 1%.

Meet Shepherd Thomas, Eleni Lynn, and Ayla Sue, who just celebrated their six-month birthday.

Samantha and Mickey are glad they documented this unique aspect of their journey to parenthood, and they look forward to the day when their triplets are old enough to appreciate it. “Aside from telling them how truly wanted and loved they were, I will tell them to use these photos for their Throw Back Thursday posts one day!” Samantha said.

If you’d like to learn more about the Clark family and follow what the triplets are up to, you can follow them on Facebook at A Walk in the Clark.


h/t: Scary Mommy