Dad Who Accuses His Wife Of “Enjoying Her Days Off” At Home Gets Schooled By Her Time-Lapse Video


Everyone knows that marriage is hard at times, but when one of you works outside the home and the other forgoes a career in order to raise the kids, new kinds of tensions can arise. Namely, one or both of you can start to feel as though you do more, and are, as a result, more tired, burdened, deserving of time off, etc.

For one UK couple, things came to a head when stay-at-home mom Gemma Chalmers got tired of hearing her husband’s quips about enjoying her day off and sitting around at home all day with the baby.

Instead of starting (what I assume would be another ) argument, she simply recorded her entire 12-hour work day and set it to a time-lapse.

Mic dropped. And there better have been some flowers and maybe a day at the spa after this.

h/t: Fox 25 Boston