Dad Follows Mom’s Bedtime Instructions…Literally


Parenting is definitely a skill, and it doesn’t always come naturally to us, and as parents parents Aaron Cade and Ashlie Nicole Williams found out, this can lead to some pretty hilarious screwups.

Cade was driving with their two-year-old daughter, London, asleep in the back seat. Williams was home doing the dishes, and when Cade returned, their little one was still asleep. Typically, London would have gotten a bath around this time, but Williams told Cade to just put the kid to bed, and she would give her daughter a bath later.

Later, when Williams went to check on her daughter, this was the scene she discovered:

Technically, he did do what she said! He did in fact put London to bed, and he even tucked her in for good measure!

After the surprise wore off, Williams quickly saw the humor in the situation. “I literally walked out of the room to laugh because I didn’t want to wake her up,” she told Buzzfeed. “I turned the light out and left her there.”

Maybe Cade was just really confused, and second-guessed himself. Or maybe he was so worried about waking London during the car-to-bed transfer that he decided to keep her in the car seat. Whatever the reason, when Williams asked him about it, she was met with a blank stare. “I couldn’t be mad because he did EXACTLY what I asked,” Williams added while laughing.

Williams took a photo of her husband’s handiwork and shared it on social media, and the story went viral. Not surprisingly, lots of other parents had their own “taking instructions literally” moments to share. Some had even experienced the exact same situation Cade and Williams had:

Another dad was told to put a new diaper on their son while the kid slept, but Mom never specified what to do about the pants:


As far as I’m concerned, there’s really only one key to a successful relationship: the ability to laugh over each other’s screwups. And according to my criteria, Cade and  Williams have a strong relationship, indeed.


h/t: Cafe Mom