Dad Gets A Little Too Creative With Christening Invites, And Mom Isn’t Happy


Sometimes in life, a little creativity can make an otherwise forgettable event truly special. A friend of mine recently had a birthday party. Rather than do the typical “drinks and cupcakes at a bar” thing like everybody else, she decided to have a themed birthday party, and the theme was “pillow forts.” That’s a memorable birthday party!

But there are other times in life when doing something the straightforward way is best. Like when you’re making the the invitation for your new daughter’s Christening.

Twitter user @nostelfc of Ireland shared a Facebook invite they received from a cousin, for his daughter’s upcoming Christening party. The dad in question saw an opportunity to put his joke-making and Photoshopping skills to the test, and he took it:

Photo Credit: @notstelfc

Nice! I mean, who among us wouldn’t want an invitation to an exorcism? If my friends sent me a Facebook invite me to help ritually drive away demons, I would definitely RSVP with a “maybe.”

However, as @notstelfc noticed, the exorcism humor apparently didn’t go over so well with everybody, because the dad/comedian later had to update the event’s info to a more buttoned-down version:

Photo Credit: @notstelfc

My favorite part is, he didn’t just have to lose the exorcism stuff. Someone also made him take out any mention of drinking. Or, more likely, Exorcism Dad lost all Facebook invite privileges and the new invite was made by a different person entirely.

To be sure, we don’t know who posted the second version. @notstelfc speculates that it’s either Mom or Grandma, but it could be anyone. For all we know, it could be Pierce Brosnan.

The Exorcism Christening Tweet went viral on Twitter, and since it was Twitter, people had a lot to say about it. Most people saw the humor in the situation. One guy even leapt to Dad’s defense, in a theological way:


But what do you think? Is it OK to spice up an invite like this, or should Important Life Events only be taken seriously?


h/t: 22 Words