The “Dad Shirt” Lets Fathers Carry Their Baby Like A Kangaroo


For centuries, kangaroos have had one decisive advantage over human beings in the child-raising department: the pouch. Sure, humans have tried to catch up by devising products like the Bjorn, but nothing beats the simplicity and convenience of a baby pocket built right into your body. But now, I’m happy to tell you, humans have finally caught up to our hopping nemesis, all thanks to Lalabu‘s new Dad Shirt.

Take that, kangaroos!

The Dad Shirt is simple: it’s a shirt with a built-in pouch. Unlike other baby-wearing devices, this one involves no wrapping, tying, or adjusting. You just slip it on, slip the baby into the pouch, and you’re ready to go.

Dad Shirts are V-necked, short-sleeved, and come in two colors, Simple Gray and New Blue. The pouch itself features a mesh panel that allows for skin-to-skin contact between the baby and dad, as well as an adjustable head support/pouch extender so dads can keep using their Dad Shirt as the baby grows. It retails on Amazon for $75, and Lalabu donates 2% of every purchase to help mothers in Africa.

You might have heard of Lalabu before–they’re the company behind the successful Soothe Shirt, a tank top for moms that also functions as a carrying pouch and nursing bra. The company was founded by real life husband and wife Brian and Keri Fosse, who wanted to make garments that promote “babywearing.”

Babywearing is a parenting concept based on the fact that skin-to-skin contact between the baby and both parents is instrumental in a baby’s development. According to Babywearing International, babywearing has several benefits. It soothes the baby–a study in the Journal of Pediatrics found that three hours of babywearing a day makes babies cry 43% less. It helps babies become more in-tune with their parent’s bodily rhythms like breathing, which in turn helps the baby regulate their own rhythms. It can even help mothers with postpartum depression.

Basically, babywearing is a must, and both the Soothe Shirt and the Dad Shirt are great places to start.

The Dad Shirt has only been available for a few months, but it’s already gotten rave reviews on its Amazon page:

“This shirt really helped my husband bond with our baby. We started referring to it as the ‘dad womb’ because our baby really liked the closeness and being able to go everywhere with him.” — Amazon reviewer immortelle

“Love having our little nugget nestled in so snugly while I can soothe and comfort her while making some lunch for mom.” — Amazon reviewer PJ Goodwin

“It calms my newborn when I tuck him in the front pouch. They feel warm and cozy! You can then do every day things around the house.” — Amazon reviewer Scott Skinner 

So if you’re a new dad, or you’re buying gifts for a new dad, the Dad Shirt might be just the thing you need. Not only will it mean a healthier, happier baby, it’s also a great way to stick it to marsupials.

Humans FTW!


h/t: Huffington Post