Daughter Pens A Sidesplitting Obit For Her Late Father

Image Credit: Pixabay


Most of us probably don’t spend much time thinking about how we’d like to be eulogized once we’re gone. After all, we won’t be around to get annoyed if people get it wrong, and in general, we all probably have at least one person we trust to not screw it up. But after you read this hilarious, touching, and unique obituary, you might start to think differently about your own.

When Jean Lahm’s 71-year-old father, Terry Ward, died, she decided that his obituary should be as special as her father was (and, one can assume, at least half as funny). Instead of going the usual solemn route, she penned a truly sidesplitting narrative that details the contents of her father’s pantry upon his death (32 jars of Miracle Whip, 17 boxes of Hamburger Helper, and a multitude of other items), his likes in life (free beer, naturally), and most notably, his views on hummus (or, as he called it, bean dip).

Photo Credit: Geisen Funeral Home

Jean told her local Fox News that she wrote it the way she did because her father “lived to make other people laugh.”

Though her family thought the eulogy was perfect, Jean didn’t tell anyone ahead of time what she planned to write. Now that it’s gone viral online, strangers are commenting with different versions of “I wish I would have known him,” which makes Jean exceedingly happy.

“I was happy to get his personality across.”

That she did (and also, she’s an amazing writer). Check out the full obituary here. You will not regret it.

h/t: Fatherly