Every State Has a Favorite Disney Princess. Do You Agree with Yours?



Let me just admit to my prejudices right at the start – I absolutely abhor everything about Frozen – the characters, the songs, the script – and therefore am annoyed about the fact that so many people in America seem to adore the “princesses” from Arendelle.

Aside: Elsa isn’t even a princess, she’s a queen. Also, she’s likely skewing results because adults asked to identify with a Disney character are probably embracing a pissed-off chick who’s tired of cowing to everyone else’s expectations, etc etc. because of course.

Ahem. So. Now that that’s out of the way.

Photo Credit: asked people all over the country to do some soul-searching when it comes to which of Disney’s princesses was their favorite (for reasons), and surprisingly, even though there are dozens of eligible ladies to choose from, most people stuck with the same five or seven.

This could be because people are inherently lazy and wrote down the first princesses that came to mind – so, either most recent or classics from childhood – or it could be they chose their children’s favorites.

Or, less likely, it could be I’m wrong about the merits of Frozen and both Elsa and Anna are awesome.

It could also have something to do with the fact that the site only offered people 15 princesses to choose from instead of letting them write in their actual favorite. also excluded Moana (wtf) but included Megara and Esmerelda (neither of whom are princesses but both of whom are largely forgotten by all but the most dedicated of fans).

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Over 27 states picked one of the two princesses (*bites tongue*) of Arendelle as their favorite, with Elsa winning a majority over her younger sister. The sisters tied in both South Carolina and Wisconsin, so the two of them will have to work out a schedule in those two states.

The only other state with a tie was Utah, who couldn’t pick between five (?) favorites – Elsa, Rapunzel, Snow White, Belle, and Cinderella are going to have to battle it out.

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Side note: Neither Belle (arguably the best princess) nor Cinderella won a single state.

Ariel won Florida (with all of that coastline, I guess they feel a kinship) and Louisiana voted in their native daughter Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. 

I personally think a new poll is needed with some more specific questions about why and how princesses are being named favorites, but that’s me.

I’m bitter, okay? But then again, popularity contests have never been fair.