Expectations Vs. Reality: 12 Moms Who Made Epic Pinterest Fails


Ah, Pinterest. We all love you. We spend hours scrolling through you, happily pinning ideas for dinners and birthday parties, for crafts and other activities for our little ones. Everything looks so totally doable, if not easy. It’s inspiring…and okay, a little overwhelming.

I think the latter is what makes us love to see people who have tried – and failed – to make those “easy” or “simple” pins come to life.

So let these 12 moms make you feel so much better about your last (or next) major Pinterest fail. Life is all about managing expectations, after all.

Or, at least that’s what we tell our wee ones.

12. Yeah, pretty much

Photo Credit: Babble

11. Props to anyone who even TRIES to organize their kid’s closet

Photo Credit: Live Simply By Annie

10. When you thought cute stickers would do the trick…

Photo Credit: CafeMom

9. No one warns you how crabby Disney World gets in the afternoon

Photo Credit: Disney

8. The moments, they are so magical

Photo Credit: Bash Corner

7. This castle cake belongs in a novel…if it’s dystopian

6. Who needs an entire basket for apple slices, though?

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5. Costumes are best left to the professionals

Photo Credit: Thrifty Fun

4. Yours is better, really, because it does double duty

Photo Credit: Blogspot

3. Desks are just a place for everyone to dump their crap

Photo Credit: Flickr,curiousleigh

2. Literally, no snowman ever has lived up to expectations

Photo Credit: Cafe Mom

1. Whose coat rack DOESN’T look like the one on the right??

Photo Credit: Homedit

h/t: The Stir – Cafe Mom