Forget Laurel and Yanni – Did Grover Just Drop an F-Bomb on “Sesame Street?”

©Sesame Street


Last year your friends were losing their minds over a sound clip in which some people heard “yanni” while others head “laurel” and no one could agree on which was correct. It turned out that both were right, oddly enough, but even the actual explanation couldn’t quell the heated debate.

Well, 2019 is swinging into action with a similar (but way funnier) sound bite to debate – because while some people heard Grover (resident of Sesame Street, of all places) make the perfectly innocent comment “yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea,” others heard…something less sweet.

Photo Credit: Sesame Street

Reddit user “Schrodert” shared the clip after he heard “Yes, yes, that’s a f*cking excellent idea” instead – and so do plenty of others.

If you listen to the clip, what you hear actually seems to depend on what you’re expecting to hear (just like yanni and laurel) so I’m waiting for the official explanation before making a judgment.

It’s “good teenagers take off their clothes” from Aladdin all over again.

Photo Credit: Disney

You know you were thinking the same thing, fellow Xennials.