Forgot Your Scraper? You Can Always Use Your Kid to Clean the Snow off Your Car!



Much of the country has been literally buried under winter weather this season, and having to scrape off your car before you can go to work (or anywhere) can get tiresome toward the end of winter (also at the beginning of winter). This dad, though, knows that a little bit of fun goes a long way in the dismal gray cloud of winter weather, and used his son to knock the snow off his car in one fell swoop.

The family lives in Ohio, and the video was shared on the YouTube Channel ViralHog, where it’s accumulated 733,000 views – probably because everyone is powerless to resist the delighted laughter of a child.

The boy’s mother shot and shared the video and a bit more of the story.

“My husband and son went outside to play in the snow. I asked my husband if he could clean off our vehicles while he was outside. Next thing I know, my husband is yelling into the house asking if we have any duct tape. I meet him at the door with the tape only to find that he is planning to wrap it around my son’s wrists, ankles, and waist so the snow couldn’t get in…my son had such a blast!”

You’ll want to copy this with your own kids, no doubt. Because while you can’t stop the snow, you can stop complaining about it and enjoy some quality time, instead!