Get Your Nerf Guns Ready, Because the ‘National Blaster League’ is Coming Your Way



Here goes: A National Blaster League is in the works, ready to bring Nerf into a competitive arena ´a la paintball and Airsoft. No more will Nerf battle enthusiasts be relegated to basements and backyards!

The new league comes from the folks behind Playview Brands’ Battle Bunkerz, a company that makes inflatable battlefield obstacles that also come with mission cards to help players incorporate RPG-style scenarios into their backyard battles. They’ve been dreaming of gamify-ing Nerf blaster play, and now they’re ready to bring the idea into the light.

“The National Blaster League for us is a natural extension of blaster play rooted in live action team battle games and tournament style events.”

Andrew Sparkes, Playview’s Senior Vice President, can’t say much more while he’s still building partnerships, but he did tell Fatherly that the league will be geared toward young adults – basically real-world video game missions like “capture the flag.”

The website should go live in the next couple of weeks, so gather your teams and start practicing now!!

h/t: Fatherly