If You Can Relate To These 21 Pics, You Just Might Be a Grandma-at-Heart!

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Let’s be real for a sec: as much as we all might like to think that your teens, twenties and thirties are full of late nights, never-ending parties and endless energy, the reality is a little . . . older. And grayer. And honestly? So much BETTER.

That’s right! My fellow grandmas-(and grandpas!)-at-heart know what I’m talking about. We all have an inner age we were always meant to be, and for a lot of us, that age is somewhere north of 60.

So if you’ve ever felt like you just didn’t quite relate to your generation’s youth culture, or always wondered what the big deal was about being 22, or have always dreamed of retirement far more than you ever did of college, you’ll probably relate to these funny-because-they’re-true pics— and you’re probably a grandma (i.e. awesome) at heart.

1. You’re best friends with your own grandma— and all her friends. And every senior citizen you meet.

Let’s be honest. You just have more in common, AND they have much more entertaining stories.

2. After all, who else could you share your knitting excitement with?!

And yes, knitting and knitting supplies are totally exciting; don’t even lie.

3. And you’ve embraced the fact that the best place to store that needle and thread is in an old cookie tin.

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Listen, they’re really solid storage, OK? What do you expect me to do, just throw it out? What a waste!

4. Although sometimes you take reusing old containers to an unpredictable extreme— but you also know that if you just called this “upcycling”, all the “youths today” would totally be on board.

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Raise your hand if you’ve accidentally played yourself this way.

5. You call people younger than you “youths”, even when they’re only, like, nine months younger than you are.

And honestly, you’re not a big fan of them.

6. Possibly because kids today just don’t understand how good they have it.

Really, guys, “adulting” is no joke.

7. And while you kind of hate to admit it, somewhere along the line you lost the ability to naturally keep up with technology . . .

Remember when you could just pick up a new piece of equipment and instinctively know how to use it? No, me neither.

8. . . . and slang is basically a foreign language to you now.

You’ve overheard entire conversations where you basically understood maybe five words.

9. Plus, you’re getting tired of trying to keep up with the latest trends and fashions.

Honestly, comfort is the only thing that matters.

10. While sometimes the FOMO can definitely be real . . .

You spend a lot of time reassuring yourself you’re not “wasting” your youth.

11. . . . at the end of the day, you know what really matters.

Why wait until you’re older to figure out what “fun” really means to you?

12. That means embracing what makes you truly happy, whether it’s those Werther’s Original’s you probably have in your pocket right now . . .

Why are people always talking down Werther’s?! They’re delicious, and honestly, candy is candy.

13. . . . or thinking practical gifts are actually, seriously the best ones.

What could be better than something that makes your life easier?

14. You might not know the latest dance moves, but you DO know the secret to dancing like nobody’s watching.

Just try and tell me you wouldn’t rather hang out with these ladies.

15. You’ve embraced the fact that doing the right thing doesn’t always look glamorous or make for the best photo.

Saving the environment one plastic bag full of reused plastic bags at a time.

16. But you also know that paying attention to the little, “nice” details can make a huge difference.

Just try and tell me pretty towels and decorative soaps aren’t more welcoming to your guests than a worn-down bar of Irish Spring with your hair stuck to it.

17. But you also know not to sweat the small stuff and worry for no reason— and to get your health info from a real doctor, not the “expert” on Facebook.

Allergies are not trendy diets, and your cousin’s roommate’s girlfriend’s yoga teacher is not the one to consult about your stomach.

18. In fact, you don’t sweat others’ opinions much at all, even if it means staying in while everybody else is out . .

There’s no “going-out” quota you have to fill.

19. . . . defining the holidays for yourself, rather than what “everybody” does . . .

Real talk, who’s ever actually enjoyed those huge, made-for-T.V.-sitcoms New Year’s parties?

20. . . . and prioritizing what YOU need.

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If you’re dreading it, you’re not going to force yourself to go.

21. Because at the end of the day, you make your own rules.

Grandmas rule the world, y’all.