Judges Look Surprised When 4 Grandmas Step On Stage. Then They Take Off Their Dresses and the Crowd Goes Wild.

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Familiar with the saying “Age ain’t nothing but a number?” If so, then we have the absolute perfect example for you. This energetic group of mature gals proves that just because you have a few wrinkles and an AARP card, that doesn’t mean that you can’t wow an audience of millions!

Today’s viral clip comes to us from one of our absolute favorite shows, Britain’s Got Talent. Now, if you are a fan of these reality TV talent competitions, then you know that there is a strict formula that most of them follow:

When the performer steps on stage, you never quite know what you are going to get— they are often either completely awe-inspiring or absolutely terrible, but never anything in between! It can be a bit of cruel for the ones who do not fare well, but it is always entertaining.

So, when these four grannies step out in front of the judges, it’s easy to start getting nervous for them. Every ounce of us is hoping that their act is REALLY good, because we just don’t think that we can handle seeing a group of dejected grannies!

The video begins with four older women who walk out holding hands. They quickly introduce themselves as “The Cocooners”. Cute, right? The infamous Simon Cowell then starts the ladies off by asking them for their names and ages. There’s Michelle, who’s 63; Heather, who’s “70-something”; Lynn, who’s 80; and Maxine, who’s 75.

After a very favorable reaction from the audience, the ladies get going on their act. Each one takes a step up onto a high block while loud music blares over the speaker. It’s an odd sight to see, especially when they tear off their long, floral dresses.

The Cocooners perform on BGT

Yep, you heard that right. These four gals are certainly not shy when it comes to performing; in fact, we think that they give new meaning to the term “quick change”.

Now, don’t get us wrong; this isn’t any sort of lewd act in which you would need to hide your kids. As a matter of fact, unless they have some sort of aversion to sparkly, gold unitards, we think your little ones will be tap dancing to the Cocooners routine, right along with the ladies.

As expected, the judges seem to get a real kick out of these real-life Golden Girls. How could they not? Their routine has everything that makes these shows great, including unexpected performers, dancing, mystery, intrigue, and some pretty kick-butt outfits.

Though we sing the praises of talent competition contestants pretty often, we do have to say that their performance completely threw us for a loop. To see The Cocooners’ inspiring, hilarious, and slightly naughty routine, be sure to click on the video below. We’ve gotta admit that we certainly didn’t see THAT coming!

What do you think of the Cocooners’ performance? Do you think that the judges let them through? What is your favorite reality TV talent competition? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!