This Grouchy Husky Is The Greatest Christmas Grinch Ever

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Once you reach a certain age, (let’s say six), the holidays become less fun and more stressful. And one thing that can make these stressful times even tougher is how everyone is supposed to be cheerful, at all times. Don’t feel like caroling? Too bad! Get in the back of the group and sing along with everybody else. We’ll let you know when/if there’s hot chocolate.

Sometimes, you just need a bit more honesty to get through the holidays, and Anuko the husky can show you the way. He’s a four-year-old dog with a naturally dour expression on his face, and his recent holiday card is perfect for anyone who’s stayed up all night on December 24th assembling toys.

Merry Christmas…. or whatever

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No matter what Anuko’s owner Jasmine tried, Anuko looked miserable throughout the photoshoot.

When you’re raw fed and your human offers you a baked treat. ?

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Anuko looks unhappy even on a good day, but Jasmine says the holiday season brings out his inner Grinch. As Jasmine told UniLAD, “He’s not a fan of Christmas too much because of the food he’s not allowed to eat and he gets yelled at if he goes too close to decorations. Christmas Day he sulks in my room and doesn’t come out usually… Unless I buy him presents!”

Jasmine CLAIMS that the one thing he enjoys about the holidays is the snow, but you wouldn’t know it based on his facial expression:

Smile nunu ?

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Humans are already prone to mapping their emotions onto animals, but given how Anuko looks it’s pretty much irresistible. No matter how Anuko might actually feel, he always looks like he’s having a bad day. His perma-scowl is so distinctive it got him instant viral Internet fame back in 2015. You might remember the first time Jasmine Tweeted about him, sharing his
“unimpressed” reaction when she faked him out during a game of fetch.

Like Grumpy Cat before him, Anuko always looks pissed. For proof, Jasmine shared this photo of him as a puppy:


But even though Anuko resembles the world’s biggest crabapple, Jasmine says he’s a sweetheart. “He’s really friendly and quite quiet and lazy in reality. He’ll sleep the entire train journey and keep to himself. He’s a good boy.” He’s even helped Jasmine cope with mental health problems.

She made me match… @friendshipcollar. Mama is @jasglanv

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So the next time you’ve got an insistent case of the holiday blues, Anuko has the remedy. Make sure you enjoy him now while you can because I will be stealing him for myself very soon.


h/t: Unilad