Guy Texts Photo Of His Girlfriend To His Mom And Shares WAY Too Much


For most parents and their young adult children, the less everyone knows about each other’s sex lives, the better. The last time my parents and I even mentioned the subject of sex was during the Clinton administration. Which is why this story gave me my first official anxiety rash of 2018.

All Maison Vallance wanted to do was send his mother a photo of his new girlfriend. Maison, 22, and Meghan, 21, have only been dating for a short time, but he’s already introduced Meghan to his Mom, and the budding relationship is going well. Recently, Maison took a photo of Meghan lying in bed with a shirt his mother had given him, and he thought Mom would love to see it. So, he texted it to her. Only problem was, he didn’t notice what was in the background.

Here it is again, in case you missed it.

Photo Credit: Maison Vallance

What is that? Some kind of decorative rope from Crate and Barrel? Or maybe an innovative system to open and close the shutters? Did a boy scout wander into Maison’s bedroom and leave it there? No, no, and no. That, my friends, is a bondage rope.

Maison’s Twitter followers immediately spotted it.

Soon people began retweeting the photo, and it went viral. People reactions were varied, ranging from horrified to “so horrified I literally died of embarrassment on Maison’s behalf.” One guy, however, tried to give an innocent explanation for the rope:

Falling off the bed so often you have to tie yourself to the headboard? Hey, we’ve all been there. But Maison eventually confirmed that the rope is very much what you think it is.

As for Mom’s reaction? Maison told Buzzfeed she doesn’t seem to have noticed, but the fact this photo is being shared around the world means it probably won’t stay that way for long.

Maison definitely isn’t the first person this sort of thing has happened to. The people of Twitter shared similar stories of their parents discovering their secret freakiness.

Another Twitter user said, “My mom found my kit once and asked if it was stuff for our dog and tried to take it.”

One Redditor previously shared a photo of their elaborate bedroom equipment, captioned simply “It gets awkward when Mom and Dad come to visit.”

Photo Credit: Reddit

OK, well, based on all these stories, parents discovering evidence of their children’s kinks might NOT be the end of the world. But as far as MY parents are concerned, I am and always have been a monk.


h/t: Someecards and Buzzfeed