Ha! Parents Are Tweeting What Their Kids’ Names Would Be Based On How They Were Conceived


Sure, being a parent is rewarding and sweet and hilarious, but if we’re being real, it’s also frustrating and exhausting and messy. There are bloggers who want to ignore the latter pieces, and then there are those, like The Honest Toddler, who embrace the bigger picture of what it means to bring humans into the world and to be responsible for them 24 hours a day for 18+ years.

The other day, she tweeted this:

Photo Credit: Twitter,HonestToddler

The responses from other Twitter users, also sharing how their children would be aptly named, are downright hilarious.

11. “Afternoon basement delight” #yassss

Photo Credit: Twitter,beckylaparra

10. Funny, my firstborn also has this name

Photo Credit: Twitter,ohsoamy

9. The last one is the most common child’s name in this brave new world

Photo Credit: Twitter,chrissy_hut

8. Dammit, Dad

Photo Credit: Twitter,eestes30

7. PSA

6. Oops

Photo Credit: Twitter,carlyehrlich2

5. So sweet, you named your kid after your doctor

Photo Credit: Twitter,Big_Neffy

4. I have questions about your oldest

3. Kids never appreciate siblings

2. I like you

Photo Credit: Twitter,clumsyjeweler

1. I’m not mad at it, either

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h/t: The Chive