Husband Wins Valentine’s Day With “Dudeoir” Photoshoot


Fellas, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, gas station flowers and stale chocolates just aren’t gonna cut it any longer. Because one Washington state husband just raised the bar for all of us. Time to step our game up.

Tyler Arnet’s wife Stephanie was recently diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer, and with Valentine’s Day approaching, he knew he wanted to do something extra special. So when he saw a classified ad posted by photographer Jill Steenson of Lillian Lane Photography, asking for guys to volunteer for a “dudeoir”-style photoshoot, Tyler jumped at the chance.

I needed to do something to help [my wife] out, to make her feel good,” Tyler told the New York Post. “She’s been very stressed out, and I knew she’d find [the pictures] hilarious.”

Mission accomplished!

Tyler is a stay-at-home dad, and this was his first time doing modeling of any kind, but stripping down to his boxer-briefs and looking fierce wasn’t a problem.

The photoshoot took place at Steenson’s home, and used multiple rooms for inspiration. They started in the kitchen, where Steenson encouraged him to roll around in flour. “Tyler was a little apprehensive about making a mess in my kitchen, but we insisted it was necessary,” Steenson said.

Tyler even baked real cookies, which he later took home to his family.

Then, they moved to the living room, where Tyler made use of a roaring fireplace, shag carpeting, and best of all, a Christopher Walken pillow.

But no boudoir OR dudeoir photoshoot is complete without a few steamy bedroom shots, and Tyler delivered. If there are any lumberjacks reading this, you may wanna sit down.

While his dudeoir photoshoot might have started as a tongue-in-cheek idea, Tyler says that during the shoot, he wasn’t trying to be funny.  “I was definitely in the zone. There was nothing stopping me,” Tyler told the Post. “At one point I straight up said, ‘Watch out, Tyra Banks — I’m coming.’”

You can definitely see Tyler’s commitment to the idea in his photos.

When the photoshoot was finished, Tyler wanted to show Stephanie the pictures at the best possible moment. Shortly before she headed into surgery, Tyler unveiled the gift.

“He showed them to me about an hour before I went in,” Stephanie recalled. “He was like, ‘I got something to show you.’ When I saw [the pics}, I died laughing. It definitely wasn’t anything I was expecting.”

Later, Stephanie shared the photos on Facebook, and they promptly went viral. People all around the world were taken with Tyler’s uniquely romantic gesture.

“So many people have been reaching out, not just because of the pics, but because of why he took them,” Stephanie said.

“I had one lady reach out whose husband was diagnosed recently with a stage 4 illness, and he rarely smiles and laughs,” she explained. “She said they haven’t stopped laughing. So, we’ve really been enjoying the positivity it’s bringing.”

Love makes us do things we might never do otherwise–like taking a semi-nude photoshoot to cheer up your ailing spouse. That’s what makes this the perfect V-day gift.

Now, does anyone know a good full-body waxing place in the Los Angeles area? Asking for a friend.


h/t: Cafe Mom and The New York Post