If Wiping Butts Is on Your Daily To-Do List, Then “Shittens” Are for You



From the day your little lovebug enters the world until…well, at least until they go to kindergarten, large parts of your day include wiping a butt that isn’t yours. Diapers, then pull ups, then double checking that they were able to get clean enough with toilet paper and a prayer – it never ends.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Or at least, it doesn’t seem as if it will when you’re in the thick of it.

Enter the Shitten, a little product that just might make your day a little less stinky.

Photo Credit: Amazon

These disposable, moist wipes go over your hand like a mitten, which at least makes sure no stray poop will get on your hand. That said, they’re a little over $2 a pop so you’ll probably want to save them for when your toddler is pooping once a day and not with a newborn who needs to be changed 10+ times a day.

People seem to think they’re gag gifts and give them at showers, etc., but parents who are reviewing them on Amazon are quick to point out their usefulness.

Photo Credit: Amazon

“This was bought as a gag gift, but surprisingly, they are a very good product.”

That said, good luck getting your hands on – or in – one. They’re only available on Amazon and they’re currently sold out.