This Instagram Mom Is Using The Letter Board To Narrate Her Life


Sometimes the best way to get through life as a parent is having a sense of humor, and Danielle Bevens has you covered. She’s the creator of a popular self-titled Instagram account where she posts parenting-related humor, always laid out on a white-on-black letter board.

At home, Bevens is the mother of two boys, two-year-old Noah and newborn Toby, giving her an endless supply of material. She uses Instagram as a way to punctuate the chaos. “I’m the only girl in our household,” she told Babble, “and I’m learning to love it! My fiancé works out of town so it’s usually just me and the boys!”

For a hefty dose of parenting humor, check out some choice letter board jokes from Bevens below!

1. Bump

2. Do As I Say, Not As I Do

3.  Fuzzy Math

4. We Could All Use An Assistant

5. Keeping Them Off Balance

6. The Struggle Is Real

7. When Your Only Friend Is Dora

8. Meal Roulette

9. The Longest Day

10. It’s A Sign

11. Progress Report

12. Happy Father’s Day!

13. Regret Nothing

14. No Glow

15. This one was a no-brainer.


h/t: Babble