J.K. Rowling Gave an Amazing Gift to This Broke, Single Father

©Matt Burke


Single dad Matt Burke and his daughter formed an unbreakable bond reading the Harry Potter series together, but he never expected what followed his tweets about their shared love.

In his story, Burke shared heartwrenching – and heartwarming – details about the rough time he was having as a single father.

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“There have been too many evenings to count where I’ve gone without dinner so that she would be able to eat.”

When his daughter fell in love with Harry Potter, Burke was skeptical but gave it a try – for the sake of spending time with her.

“Now, if I’m being honest here, at first I was a little bit hesitant about getting involved in it because even in my mid-30s, I seem to think I’m too cool for some things.”

That all changed as he got into the books, and reported the two of them were having a blast reading the series together.

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Still, he couldn’t have fathomed the author of the books reading and responding to his story the way that she did.

J.K. Rowling, no stranger to monetary hardship herself, gifted the small family a complete series of signed Harry Potter books.

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It’s a happy ending all the way around, and a powerful reminder to pay it forward should you find yourself in a position to do so.