Jane Fonda Couldn’t Unzip Her Red Carpet Dress, So She Slept In It


We all love checking out the red carpet fashions, but one aspect of these ultra-fashionable, ultra-expensive gowns that often gets overlooked is what it’s like to actually wear one. But now, Jane Fonda has given us a glimpse into the reality of the red carpet dress, and unsurprisingly, it ain’t all that glamorous.

Last November, the 80-year-old actor/political activist/fitness video pioneer/Hollywood legend attended a gala at the LA County Museum of Art last November, and her outfit was appropriately fantastic–a black fitted sheer gown with green embroidery.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

But like many fancy gowns, this one wasn’t designed with practicality as a top priority. After Fonda returned home from the gala, she had so much trouble with the zipper that she eventually gave up and slept in the gown. The next day, she shared a “morning after” photo on Instagram of herself in her improvised PJ’s.

Yup. Even a seven-time Oscar nominee, and veteran of countless red carpet events like Fonda can sometimes be foiled by a zipper.

The photo took a couple months to go viral, but once it did, Fonda fans across the Internet praised her honesty and willingness to poke fun at herself.

Plenty of folks shared their own similar experiences.

Then there was this joke, which was excellent:

For the record, if you’re struggling to get out of a dress because of an uncooperative zipper, there are plenty of remedies available on the Internet, like the “Safety pin and dental floss” technique. While I can’t vouch for them personally, (the closest experience I’ve had to this was Halloween 2010 when I passed out in a barfy X-wing pilot costume), maybe they’ll help Fonda the next time around.

Or, maybe red carpet events will start keeping the Jaws of Life handy.


h/t: Bustle