Just a Few Times Channing Tatum was the Best Husband



Ladies…it’s not just because he’s a good looking guy who can dance, though I’m guessing those things don’t hurt in his wife’s (Jenna Dewan Tatum) eyes. The two have been married for several years now and only seem to love each other more than when they met on the set of Step Up – a fact that he reminds his Instagram followers of on a regular basis.

Like all of these times he took gorgeous pictures of her just because he’s truly in awe of his wife – inside and out.

Or how he loves watching her blossom as a mother.

And saying ‘happy anniversary.’

Supporting her no matter what…

Or when he celebrates the fact that she’s been alive for another year, and how she’s made them both better people during that time.

So…should we give him an award? I don’t know, but I’d be all for it.

h/t: ScaryMommy