This Kid Absolutely Roasted His Teacher For Spewing Lies About Christopher Columbus

Image Credit: Pixabay


Despite that fact that even a cursory Internet search of Christopher Columbus will reveal he never set foot in North America and was a cruel man who terrorized, murdered, and enslaved the native inhabitants (even children) of the nations where he DID manage to blunder ashore, there are many schools across the country that continue to perpetuate lies and alter history in pursuit of the coveted Monday off.

And while I love a free day at home as much as the next person (maybe more), I love this kid more for calling out his teacher’s bullshit on the subject.

The kid, named King Johnson, had some thoughts about the treatment of the “holiday” and the man behind it that he couldn’t help but put down in his journal. That’s what they’re for, right? Thoughts.

Like these:

“Today was not a good learning day. Blah blah blah I only wanted to hear you not talking. You said something wrong and I cannot listen when I hear lies. My mom said that the only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace. Because Columbus didn’t find our country the Indians did. I like to have Columbus Day off but I want you not to teach me lies. That is all. My question for the day is how can white people teach black history? King Johnson.”

A thoughtful entry, if you ask me, that ends with a doozy of a question.

And yet, instead of responding in an equally thought-provoking and, I don’t know, educating manner, the teacher chose to write, “King, I am very disappointed in your Journal today.”


This is where little King had more class than I would have, because he responded with a simple “Ok,” as opposed to expletive-filled rhetorical that would have been my go-to.

I mean, we teach our children to be polite to adults and respect their teachers, but it’s also pretty awesome when they demonstrate that they have not only been listening to what we say at home, but have been doing some critical thinking about the subject on their own time.

At the very least, I feel like the kid is getting shortchanged on his education. Then again, it sounds to me like he’s already a few steps ahead of his teacher, at least on this subject.

h/t: Scary Mommy