If Your Kid Has Food Allergies, These 12 Things Are Totally Normal



Food allergies are no joke. I say this as someone who grew up with a peanut allergy before the world gave a crap about peanut allergies (and it was more rare, to be sure) and who still occasionally comes into contact with them without meaning to. The world is just different for us – not better or worse, it’s just the way it is – and even now I have weird things to navigate, like how to let my young son enjoy peanuts and peanut butter without, you know…dying.

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If you have food allergies or you love a young human who does, there’s a good chance that these 12 things won’t surprise you at all.

And if they do, that means you’re one of the lucky ones. Enjoy it.

#12. Your toddler can basically do surgery

Okay, the EpiPen isn’t surgery, but it’s still complicated enough that you’re kind of proud?

#11. Your (best) relatives text you potential meals before your visit to get your approval

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And then you regret not being nicer to your baby sister while you were growing up.

#10. You’d pin “Don’t Feed Me” to their chest if you could

Friendly people are always offering treats to young kids, but if yours has a life-threatening allergy, they might as well be wearing a cloak and carrying a scythe.

#9. You’re not being a helicopter parent, you’re assessing the environment

Is that a peanut on the floor over there or did someone dismember another doll?

#8. The best friends are the ones who make parties peanut-free even if their kid is fine

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Because we’re living in a society, you knuckleheads.

#7. Your kids know the word “anaphylactic”

And they use it while playing with their dolls.

#6. It’s harder than ever to leave your kid

Especially during a meal.

#5. You definitely have to bring your own snacks on the airplane

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And stop your toddler from touching anything. Godspeed.

#4. Food labels are your new casual reading

You can recite all the ingredients that are secretly hiding an allergen.

#3. And you’ve dug through the trash to double-check them

Probably after one of those well-meaning friends handed your kid a snack.

#2. Your local allergen-conscious bakery is a godsend

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You probably keep extra baked goods in the freezer, just in case.

#1. Ice cream is a treat for other people

But you convince your baby that gelato is just as good.

h/t: ScaryMommy