These Kids’ Drawings of Their Moms Will Make You Laugh…And Will Make Their Moms Cry



One of the best things about having kids is that you never know exactly what’s going on in their heads, or what might pop out of their mouths. Or, in this case, what might come out the other end of their crayon.

It’s also one of the not-so-fun things about having kids if they decide to depict you in a not-so-flattering (but still loving!) work of “art.”

But as long as none of these kids are yours, these pictures are surely good for a laugh.

#10. So, so flattering.

#9. Can’t forget the chest!

#8. Awww, but she has three hearts, though. <3

#7. Poor Mommy is angry all the time.

#6. I feel like this one is kind of a masterpiece?

#5. Those are some dark circles. And that nose!

#4. IDK your mom might be Edward Scissorhands…

#3. How come HIS head is proportionate, though?

#2. I’m going to need to see (and then buy) those pants.

#1. I’m guessing this is a “first thing in the morning” portrait.

Photo Credit: Instagram,4sweetcakes

h/t: Buzzfeed