Let These 12 Tweets Serve As A Reminder Not To Mess With The Pregnant Women In Your Life



Actually, don’t mess when pregnant women anywhere, whether you know them or not. That’s a general life rule that can be applied across the board, and if you need any further proof as to why, these 12 tweets should do the trick.

#12. Or just embrace it all.

#11. Just zip it.

#10. It happens to the best of us.

#9. She’s not wrong.

#8. Keeping it real.

#7. Ain’t it magical?

#6. All the dogs.

#5. Gauge carefully, men.

#4. I’m surprised he has any patients left.

#3. You’ve been warned.

#2. A wise man, in the end.

#1. No regrets.

Seriously, stay away!