Listen to This Dad’s Advice About His Wife Tagging Him in Internet Posts


Brad Kearns, the voice behind the popular Facebook page DaDMuM, recently took to his page to talk about something he realized about the way he communicates with his wife, and vice versa. She tags him in things – articles, posts, memes, pictures (anything, really) – and then wants to talk with him about them later in the day. It used to annoy him, but not anymore:

Photo Credit: Facebook,DaDMuM

Kearns has more experience than most because he sees similar scenarios play out in the comment sections of his own posts every single day.

“Women tag men in basically everything I ever post. I always see the same reply of “I ain’t reading that” or “too long”…that’s it. The conversation goes no further. Whatever message she was trying to send him was rejected because of sheer arrogance and the inability to take a few f*cking seconds to read something that was probably important to how she was feeling.”

What he’s saying has merit, too, according to psychologists and others who are studying the way social media and the Internet affect the way we communicate with each other. In fact, this study found that even when the topic is more lighthearted on the surface, taking the time to talk at all increases trust, intimacy, and commitment between a couple.

To me, responding to each other’s tags and memes seems like a twofold win. One, you show your significant other that you care enough to take the time to read and reply, which in turn strengthens your ability to communicate about more important matters. And second, hell, after a few years of marriage, who doesn’t need new stuff to talk about? Am I right?

h/t: Romper