Little Girl Flips Out After Her Aunt Uses a “Bad Word”


Kids are taught as soon as they can talk that there are some words they shouldn’t ever use, a.k.a. “bad words.” If kids say a bad word, they might owe a quarter to a swear jar or they might lose some kind of a privilege, so this way they’ll know they did something wrong. Some parents are more rigid about these words than other parents, and you can usually tell that by how a kid reacts to hearing a naughty word.Little Josie is the perfect example of this.

Little Josie is the perfect example of this.

Josie was spending the day with her Aunt Mimi, having a girls’ day away from mom and dad, when something ruined their lovely day. Aunt Mimi said a bad word, and Josie, who is the D.I.T., is not having it.

If you’re wondering what “D.I.T.” means, you might be surprised to hear it means “Diva in Training.” Trust us, watch the video below, and it won’t be surprising why Josie is a little diva in the making. She might LOOK little and cute, but she means business.

Josie makes her feelings on “the incident” very clear and explains that she will not be talking to Aunt Mimi anymore! She even talks through everyone in the room she IS talking to (pretty much everyone else in the room) and everyone she is NOT talking to (Mimi). Josie even threatens to tell her parents on Aunt Mimi, which we’re sure was a hilarious conversation.

Meanwhile, behind the camera, the adults can barely control their laughter!

Are you wondering what the bad word is that slipped out of Mimi’s mouth and offended the D.I.T.? Well, you’re going to have to watch the video below to see what the thoughtless profanity was!

When you see how adamant this little girl is, you’ll wonder if she isn’t an adult trapped in a little girl’s body. Check this out if you need a good laugh today, it’s guaranteed to make you grin.