Look Out, Dads: The Ultimate Dad Wagon Is Coming to a Dealership Near You



I don’t know if there are many men out there excited about the prospect of buying, owning, or driving a minivan. Those are for moms, right?

This mom hasn’t broken down…yet.

But dads! You don’t have to stuff the kids into minivans for those family vacations, because something better just (re)hit the market – the station wagon.

Yep. Buick’s Roadmaster Estate Wagon is making a comeback with millennial buyers, with insurance companies reporting their quotes for the vehicle went up nearly 50% between 2017 and 2018.

It comes equipped with all of the good stuff – most notably the wood side panels running along its 18-foot body – and the same comfortable and practical (it seats 8 without a worry) interior that you recall from your youth.

Or, at this point, from stories about your parents’ youth.

“It’s a fun way to stand out for not a whole lot of money,” says Jonathan Klinger, a spokesperson for Hagerty. “It’s like driving a couch down the road: Big, comfy seats that lack any sort of real driver-oriented support, but they’re just cushy and comfortable.”

It’s cheap, too – the average sales price is under $3,000 – but with its growing popularity, that might not last for long. As a spokesperson said, “there’s nowhere for them to go but up,” so you’d be best off investing now and not later.

And guys, this thing isn’t totally lame – it’s hiding the same 5.7 liter LT1 V8 engine that Chevy drops in its Corvette, so any cool, single guy on a motorcycle who thinks he’s going to blow by you on the interstate is going to get quite a surprise.

“With the V-8 engine, it’s got a little bit of a sleeper status to it,” Klinger goes on to explain.

So there you go, fellas – I’ve found your new family car! It’s cheap, it’s comfy, you’ll look more like a hipster than a lame dad, and all of the neighborhood kids will fit in.