These Relatable Tweets Pretty Much Sum Up Married Life

Justin Guarini


Marriage is one of the most wonderful things someone can experience in their lives. It’s the union of two people who have chosen to be with one another, through thick and thin. It’s beautiful.


The rest of the time, it’s all chores, lists, nagging, budgets, pranks, arguing, and general hilarity. But nothing sums up what married life is actually like (not what you make it look like on Facebook) better than these 15 hilarious tweets.

Married folks, prepare to nod along vigorously.

1. Not All Budgets Were Created Equal

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Boyd’s Backyard

A wife’s budget and a husband’s budget are two VERY different things.

2. You Can’t Escape the Chores

You can run, but you can’t hide from the inescapable mountain of chores that need to be done.

3. It’s All in the Little Victories

For example, when a kid crying in public isn’t your problem.

4. Admitting You Were Wrong is Hard

The lengths we’re willing to go through to avoid the dreaded “I told you so” is EXTREME.

5. Learning the Importance of Lists

Nothing is more dangerous than sending your husband to the store alone and without a shopping list.

6. Bingeing TV is a Team Sport

You can’t just WATCH the next episode of Stranger Things without your significant other – viewing will now be worked around both of your schedules.

7. Running Late is Nothing New

If you would just LOOK FOR IT. JUST TRY.

8. Things Can Get a Little Punny Sometimes

Just roll with it.

9. When You Actually Get Away with It

Shh, she never needs to know.

10. Don’t Take Everything You See Online at Face Value

Don’t let the emotional re-posting of wedding photos fool you, touch her food and your safety is at risk.

11. The Eternal Question

You might be excited to go out with your friends on Monday, but by Friday night, you suddenly feel deeply connected to the couch.

12. Some Things are Still Sacred

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via Twitter

Sure, you’re supposed to share your life, but your Double Stuff Oreos? Yeah, good luck, buddy.

13. Having Your Priorities in Order is Crucial

And a little honesty never hurt anybody.

14. Did You Marry a Grown-Up or a 10-Year-Old?

There are so many moments when all you can do is sit back and marvel at the man/woman-child you’ve chosen to spend your life with.

15. Sometimes, You Just Have to Put Your Foot Down

You might think you have a ton of sway over what your partner does, but it’s moments like this where you really learn the power of the phrase, “Yes, dear.”