Mom Crashes Important Photo in the Funniest Way


We have seen quite a few proposal videos in our day, but none quite like this. Usually, in these viral videos, a man (or a woman!) will have some kind of a stunt planned to surprise their significant other with a beautiful engagement ring. Then the person who was proposed to understandably freaks out and that video promptly goes viral through YouTube and Facebook.

Everyone knows that setup, it’s plausible to guess that you’ve even come across a few of these tear-jerking videos today! But this video below? This is not one of those videos.

The video starts out with a family walking on a beach and the camera is really focused on two young people who are walking towards the back of the group. Suddenly, the young man in the couple asks if they’re going to take a family photo — and you can just tell by the nervousness in his voice that this is code for, “I’m going to propose now, make sure you’re filming.”

Quickly, the family (the family that’s in-the-know) pulls away from the couple and gets behind the camera. The only person who goes to pose with the couple is the woman’s mom, Eva. Without even realizing the moment that she’s crashing, she immediately goes to jump in the “family picture”!

It takes the people behind the camera yelling her name and even snapping at her to get Eva to move, confused, out of the frame.

Trying to play along, the man asks if the family is going to join them. Obviously, he expects them to decline so he can get down on one knee, but Eva is still up for a photo! She goes to get back in the frame — and falls right on her face.

At this point, people are yelling and laughing and going over to make sure Eva is okay (which she is, just embarrassed.) It’s absolutely mass chaos. And in that crazy moment, the young man decides to make his move.

You have to watch the video for yourself to see the young woman’s reaction and see the entire crazy scene yourself!