Mom Documents Her Baby’s First-Year Growth by Photographing Him with Slices of Pizza

©Facebook,Dani Leigh Photography


The practice of sharing a photo and some developmental about your baby’s monthly growth has become popular these days – people use signs, apps, blankets, and other cute, Instagram-worthy products to make the images memorable (myself included – guilty!).

That said, mom and photographer Dani Leigh went above and beyond with an idea that paid homage to her family’s Italian heritage and her son’s name – Lorenzo – by documenting his monthly growth alongside slices of pizza.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that baby Lorenzo is downright adorable.

That hair! That smile! OMG, my ovaries!

I assume she got dinner out of the deal once a month, too, and pizza is never a bad idea.

I’m hereby challenging all of you soon-to-be mamas to come up with something just as unique for your little one’s first year.

Go forth and slay the mom game!