Mom Hilariously Trolls Model Brother By Having Her Toddler Copy His Poses

Image Credit: Instagram


Katina Behm and her baby brother, model Aristotle Polites, have always had a typical older sister/little brother relationship. Which is to say, they love the crap out of each other and she mostly shows it by poking fun at him every time the opportunity arises.

Which is why, when she snapped a picture of her toddler half-dressed, she sent the photo – alongside one of her brother’s modeling pics – to her family with the question, “who wore it better?”

The results were hilarious, and since then, Katina and her son Augie have taken Instagram by storm with their account babyandthebody, in which the 18-month-old gets progressively more adept at copying his uncle’s modeling poses.

As far as Aristotle, we hear he’s taking the pint-sized competition in stride.

Make sure and click over to their Instagram account to see all the pics.

h/t: Bored Panda