Mom Orders Horrific Pizza from Domino’s and Gets Free Pizza From Another Company

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Oh, moms. You know they always have our best interests at heart, even when they’re trying to figure out how to work those pesky apps on their fancy phones.

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Ohio mother Jimmi did her best to order her family a pizza from Domino’s using the app…and let’s just say it wasn’t a huge success. It seems that Jimmi forgot she wasn’t dealing with a person and neglected to add sauce and cheese to her pie. Jimmi’s son BJ took to Twitter to document the his mother’s hilarious pizza fail.

Reminds me of the immortal None Pizza with Left Beef – but this was on accident.

All hope was not lost, however. Another pizza chain stepped up to the plate to help out poor, poor Jimmi. DiGiorno tweeted at BJ and told him to delete the Domino’s app and direct message them. DiGiorno, it seems, likes to swoop in and save the day.

Several days later, BJ tweeted that DiGiorno had indeed followed through. DiGiorno sent BJ and his mom vouchers for 10 free pizzas. They also added a zinger at the end of their handwritten note: “Here’s 10 pizzas on us and the best part? They’ll all have cheese and sauce.”

Bravo, DiGiorno. Bravo.

h/t: Pizza Bottle