This Mom Slams ‘Parents’ Magazine For Offering Advice On Waxing A Preschooler’s Upper Lip

Image Credit: Pixabay


In this day and age of body image and the quest to promote positivity for the next generation, the fact that Parents magazine chose to run a piece about how to take care of hair on your young child’s upper lip is nothing short of appalling.

Though the article does state that the hair is normal and is “only a problem when it starts to impact their happiness and self-esteem”, the fact that they then recommend cutting the hair or, if it’s too short, “waxing or plucking are safe alternatives for kids who can handle the discomfort” is just wrong.

We’re talking about pre-schoolers here, if the accompanying image is any indication. That’s definitely way too young to begin imposing and/or forcing them to conform to arbitrary beauty standards that some of us have spent a lifetime trying to cast off.

And motherhood blogger SturdyMomCentral took her issue with the, er, issue straight to social media – where all modern outrage goes to fester and grow.

No response from Parents, but I have some advice: instead of publishing an article that promotes altering your child’s appearance in order to make them like everyone else, how about you offer solutions, like promoting individualism, self-esteem, or have discussions about body positivity before resorting to waxing and plucking before kindergarten?

Just a thought.


h/t: The Stir – Cafe Mom