Mom Does Taco Bell Maternity Shoot In Honor Of Her Pregnancy Cravings


One of the strangest parts of pregnancy is definitely the cravings. For some moms-to-be, getting pregnant makes them hungry for food combinations they might otherwise find disgusting–we’ve all heard a million jokes about ice cream and pickles. For others, pregnancy makes them crave the same thing over and over again. Atlanta mom Kristin Johnston falls into the latter category. During her second pregnancy, she craved Taco Bell so much that she decided to pay tribute by doing a maternity shoot at a Taco Bell.

As Johnston explained on her blog, Strollers and Stilettos, the idea came from a desire not to do a run-of-the-mill, Pinterest-worthy maternity photoshoot. Instead of doing a photoshoot “Standing majestically on a mountain in a flowing gown, or on the beach with an awe-inspiring sunset in the background,” she wrote on her blog, she wanted “something spicier” that showed her in her natural element.

Johnston enlisted the help of her friend, photographer Kelly Daniels of Cosmic Creativ, who loved the idea. The two headed to a neighborhood Taco Bell at sunset, right in the middle of the dinnertime rush, but people were accommodating and supportive. “I definitely got some odd looks but most everyone drove by and laughed or gave me a thumbs up!” she wrote.

It’s not the first time someone used a Taco Bell as a backdrop for a memorable photo session. Last March, a Missouri mom celebrated her daughter’s first birthday with a Taco Bell-themed photoshoot. And last October, a couple took their wedding photos at one. In fact, Johnston herself got the idea when she spotted a group of high schoolers taking prom photos on one of her many Taco Bell runs.

Last Friday at 4:15 a.m., Johnston gave birth to a son, but she opted NOT to name him after her favorite fast food place. (They went with Theodore, or “Teddy” for short.)  However, if people keep this up and Taco Bell photoshoots become a trend, we might be seeing “Chalupa” or “Doritos Locos” on the most popular baby names list.


h/t: Romper