This Mom Wanted Her Family To Spell the Word ‘Love’ For A Picture. This Happened Instead.


Here’s the thing. If you’re any sort of smartass parent (or have a partner who is), there’s a good chance you’ll raise offspring fluent in the language as well. Which means that on most days, you’ll be endlessly entertained by the children you have created as you trade hilarious barbs back and forth over dinner.

Then there will be days like this mom had, when she just wanted to have nice things and the trolls she gestated for nine months and has since dedicated her life to decided that nice things are overrated.

Basically, this mom wanted to spell out the word ‘Love’ with her children for a picture. They agreed and told Mom to be the ‘O’…in a word that definitely didn’t turn out to be Love. Here’s the picture:

Photo Credit: Twitter,SydneyKing3

Twitter’s reactions were expected, but geez! Not one person felt sorry for the mom (who hopefully has a great sense of humor, too)!

Photo Credit: Twitter,kaylahandsIN

Photo Credit: Twitter,KarenRazo8

And apparently, this is a “thing,” which makes it even funnier.

I don’t know what to say except that if you have a family as fun as these, hold on tight. You’re lucky.

h/t: Someecards