Move over Betta Fish: Saltwater Jellies Are the New “It” Fish for Kids



Having your very own pet in your room is a rite of passage, and usually, parents go with goldfish or betta fish for the test subject before moving onto a hamster and eventually a dog.

Betta fish are hard to kill, they don’t require a ton of work, and their tanks don’t have to be big – three big factors that play in their favor.

That said, they’re also pretty boring. And you don’t want your kid to have the exact same pet as every other brat on the block, do you? No!

Your kid is special, so you’re going to love the idea of the JellyTank.

It turns out that jellyfish are also low-maintenance, plus they look cool and watching them helps your wee monster calm down after a long day of sh*t-slinging. Until now, pet jellyfish tanks have had a bit of a design flaw; they accidentally killed their inhabitants by sucking them into the filter.

No more.

The JellyTank is a $250 investment, sure, but it comes with no sharp objects or corners that could harm your kid (or jellies) and mimics the tides and natural ocean currents to make them as happy as possible. Their unique and patented filtration system solves the accidentally-killing-your-pet issue (though that, too, is something of a rite of passage), and the 5-gallon tank is remote controlled so your little angel can control the LED light (including changing its color) without mucking up the glass with their sticky little hands.

Yes, I have a toddler. How can you tell?

The starter kit comes with the aquarium in black or white, plus everything you need to get started. You fill the tank, add the bio balls and filter pad, plug in the light and pump…and then get back online to let them know you’re ready for your Moon Jellies.

Photo Credit: Kickstarter

They don’t sting (fun fact!), so your baby’s new best friend will be as safe as it is unique and happy.

What’s not to love?