No, Your Kids Don’t Understand What Your Life Is like – But One Day, They Might



We all know there are hundreds of wonderful, life-changing everyday things that coincide with becoming a mother. If you’re honest, you can also admit that there are probably at least half as many things that challenge us every single day – and the least of those is definitely not being the keeper of all the things.

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Laundry. Lunches. Wake-ups. Baths, brushed teeth, appointments, vacations, packing, groceries…the list literally goes on forever. Let’s set aside a discussion about gender roles and feminism and all of that, for now, and just accept the premise that in general, the majority of the heavy lifting when it comes to daily ins and outs fall onto moms shoulders (when she’s in the picture).

We all on the same page? Okay, well, here’s one thing that makes all of that even harder some days – your kids just do not get everything that you do. Worse? They have no interest in trying.

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It’s normal. Your kids aren’t a**holes and neither are mine – they’re just kids. We didn’t get it, either, until something changed in our lives and we were suddenly in charge of our own crap. And then the crap of a husband and kid or two (or more, if you’re super brave).

This meme was going around recently, and I know every mom in the world felt so, so seen.

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I know that I’ve hugged my own mom more often since becoming a mother myself, because now I know what she was always doing while I was waiting impatiently for her to cater to my wants and desires and, let’s face it, demands.

Hug your own mom. Take a deep breath and hide in the pantry if you need to, but don’t expect your kids to get it today.

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They will. One day they’ll be staring at their own to-do list, their own dirty floors, their in-laws will be on their way over and their kids will refuse to put on pants and they’ll stop in their tracks and they will know.

Maybe they’ll call you. It will be sweet.

We just have to make it that far. Luckily, there’s booze.