Nose Hair Extensions Are The Hottest New Trend


Some things in life are inevitable, but that doesn’t make them any easier to cope with.

I say “inevitable” because we live in a time when you can make a decent living coming up with ideas for eyebrows. Like these peacock eyebrows:

ok so obviously this has gotten out of hand and it’s hilarious and amazing but i wanted to clarify some stuff: 1. i joked about starting a trend in the caption of my first pic not about the actual makeup 2. drag queens have used glue on their brows since forever so please don’t credit me for that lol 3. i know that brows are a sacred part of the face but consider this: there is lip art and eye art and tons of different forms of creative makeup, why is experimenting with brows so strange? shoutout to @popsugarbeauty, @huffpostwomen and @dailymail for making the best articles about this, go read them! and i can’t thank you guys enough for your support, this feels unreal❤️ peacock feather brow: @cameleonfinland body paints, @katvondbeauty tattoo liner in Trooper, @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow pomade in Dark Brown, glue stick skin: @maccosmetics next to nothing Light Plus, pro longwear concealer in NC15 lower lid: @makeupstore Romantic Garden & Emerald eye pencils liner: @toofaced chocolate bar palette (Triple Fudge) lashes: @grimassuomi 325

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So it makes sense that someone would direct their attention a few inches down their face and hone in on another type of body hair in need of a makeover, i.e. the nose hair. Enter Instagrammer gret_chen_chen, the innovator of what I dearly hope is not the next big trend in fashion: nose hair eyelash extensions.

Nose hair extension #nosehair #lashes #extensions #beauty #selfie #eyelashextensions #falselashes #加藤一二三

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Photo Credit: Gretchen Chen

Now, philosophically, I’m not sure they can still be called “eyelashes” if they’re no longer connected to your eyelids. It’s been a while since I read my Kant, so I don’t remember if he addressed this question. For now we’ll just have to use the imperfect term “nose hair eyelash extensions” until language catches up to us.

It’s also hard to know whether Chen meant this as a sincere fashion statement or just a goof. She just posted the two pictures with no additional info and moved on. We might want more in the way of an explanation, but do the sun and the stars explain themselves to us? No, they simply “are.”

However Chen meant it, people on social media followed her example and tried out the look for themselves.

HOW DID WE DO?? #nosehairextensions

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One woman even took it a step further and added lip eyelashes to the mix:

Now, maybe I’m not the best judge. I’ve spent my entire adult life fighting a mostly losing battle against nose hair encroachment, so to me this looks so wrong it hurts. But if nose hair art does somehow become a full blown trend, at least I’ll have a good head start on many of you.

Maybe I could grow mine out and braid them.


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