Parents are Recreating Beyoncé’s Newborn Photos


If you’ve been on a bit of a social media cleanse, it’s likely you missed some of the most viral photos of the year. Of course, they have to do with the Queen Bey a.k.a. Beyoncé. The iconic songstress recently gave birth to two beautiful twins, Sir and Rumi, and she kept with her tradition of dropping the news of her pregnancy in an epic way.

After posting this maternity picture on Instagram, Bey basically broke the internet, as she is now pretty accustomed to doing. Millions of likes and comments flooded in and pretty much every major news outlet made the story front page news.

Months later, the world anxiously waited for news to break that Beyoncé had safely delivered her twins. Hints were dropped via Twitter and it was finally confirmed that the twins had been brought into the world very healthy. The interweb exploded once again.

Now, for the third time in the last nine months, the Queen posted a pregnancy-related photo that made the world go wild. This time, she has two new people joining her in the shots – Sir and Rumi themselves!

Beyonce with her twins.

The photoshoot was set on a lavish lawn in front of an arch of gorgeous flowers, with Beyoncé wearing a revealing, blue two-piece bathing suit, a frilly, open robe, and an almost Biblical piece of blue fabric draped from her head. In her arms are Sir and Rumi, beautiful and fast asleep.

Naturally, the posted photo quickly garnered over 10 million likes on Instagram, and people were quick to bask in the glory that is Beyoncé. But some parents have chosen a slightly different response to the stunning newborn photoshoot.

Sharon posing next to Beyonce photo.

It all started when Irish mom Sharon Kellaway, who also recently gave birth to twins, posted her best attempt at a recreation of Queen Bey’s latest portrait. The internet loved her brutally honest spoof on this “perfect” portrayal of parenthood and it inspired other parents to plunge forward with their own attempt at realistic newborn photos.

Mom posing with kids.

Mom recreating Beyonce photo.

Dad recreating Beyonce photo.


What do you think of these hilariously “real” maternity photos? Make sure to let us know what you think of the viral trend!