People Are Sharing the Best ‘Dad Outfits’ on Twitter and They Are Perfection



You know what I’m talking about, right? The jean shorts that are too long (or too short, depending on how old your dad is), the mid-calf socks, outdated hats, and so on and so on forever…it all adds up to the perfection that is the perfect, true ‘dad’ ensemble that is so clueless it can’t even embarrass you.

And Twitter delivered, sharing some of the best you’re going to see this year – family reunions included.

Photo Credit: Twitter,edsbs

Check it out.

I spy cargo shorts!

Photo Credit: Twitter,BushDAlan

Photo Credit: Twitter,RandBallsStu

Indeed it is.

Photo Credit: Twitter,jholland444

Nailed it.

Photo Credit: Twitter,brianhadad

The pajama pants are expert level.

Photo Credit: Twitter,SeanOfKelley

And let us not forget hipster dad…

Photo Credit: Twitter,DrewFrogger

h/t: ScaryMommy