People Are Sharing Their Mom’s Catchphrases and They’re Making Us LOL



It seems like every mom in the world says the same things to their kids. They have an arsenal they unleash for each age and phase, but if you think your mom is unique, think again – $10 bucks says you’ll find at least a couple of her fallback sayings on this list of popular mom catchphrases.

Now that I am a mom…guilty.

#15. I told you so.

“Listen to me now and believe me later.”

#14. The world needs lerts.

“Be alert. The world needs lerts.

Edit: No idea it was used in DC and SF’s metro systems. That’s pretty cool!

Didn’t expect this to get any traction, cheers for the gold!!”

#13. Another version of “put yourself in their shoes.”

“People do what makes sense to them.”

#12. We reserve the room to grow.

“Asian mother growing up:

“Don’ make baby!”

Which at some point overnight, even when I was single turned into:

“Where my granbaby?”

#11. This is mine now.

“Are your ears painted on!?” – any time
I wasn’t listening.”

#10. A herd of turtles.

“When leaving somewhere “Off like a herd of turtles”

#9. Leave the weeds.

“My mom’s always been an avid gardener and whenever I felt down growing up she’d always say “Water the flowers, not the weeds.”

#8. Guilty.

“Let’s blow this popsicle stand” when wanting to leave”

#7. A unique signature.

“Bite your own butt”. She had a few glasses of wine one evening, and was snapping back at my brother about something. She had meant to say either “bite me” or “kiss my butt” and it came out as a slurred “bite… your own butt”. We teased her mercilessly and it is now her signature catch phrase! I love her.”

#6. One day it will happen.

“When I die, then you’ll realize” or “When you have kids, then you’ll realize”

Edit: for everyone asking, yes I’m Indian lol.”

#5. We are making memories here, people.

“Every time we went on vacation when we started complaining she would yell “We are making MEMORIES.”

#4. For the boys.

“If it was a snake it would’ve bit you!

When I was looking for something in plain sight”

#3. It sounds better in Russian.

“When I start tapping on the table she says ‘why don’t you bash your head against it?’ In Russian

It sounds better in Russian tho. Makes me laugh every time too”

#2. Stealing.

“She’s been signing all her texts “xoxo, gossip mom” since the show was popular in 2008.”

#1. Sarcasm is not lost on us.

“Could you do me a huuuge favor?”

“Yeah sure what?”

“Could you put that glass in the sink?”

Should we try to deviate or just embrace our mom-ness and go with the tried and true?

I think I’m going for the latter. Why fight destiny?